Interface FactField

    • Method Detail

      • getType

        Class<?> getType()
        type of this field.
      • getName

        String getName()
        name of this field.
      • isKey

        boolean isKey()
        true if this field is a key field. A key field is included in hashcode() calculation and on the equals() method evaluation. Non-key fields are not checked in this method.
      • set

        void set​(Object bean,
                 Object value)
        Sets the value of this field in the given fact.
        bean - fact on which to set the field.
        value - the value to set on the field.
      • get

        Object get​(Object bean)
        bean - the fact from which the field will be read.
        the value of this field on the given fact.
      • getIndex

        int getIndex()
        Returns the index of this field in the field list for the defining fact type. The list (and thus the index) takes into account the fields inherited from the parent class, if any.
        the index of this field in the defining type
      • getFieldAnnotations

        List<Annotation> getFieldAnnotations()
        Returns the list of field-level annotations used in this field definition
        the list of field-level annotations
      • getMetaData

        Map<String,​Object> getMetaData()
        Returns the annotations of this field definition as key-value pairs.
        a key-value map of the field-level annotations