Interface TaskService

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    public interface TaskService
    extends CommandExecutor
    The Task Service Entry Point serves as facade of all the other services, providing a single entry point to access to all the services
    • Method Detail

      • activate

        void activate​(long taskId,
                      String userId)
      • claim

        void claim​(long taskId,
                   String userId)
      • claimNextAvailable

        void claimNextAvailable​(String userId,
                                String language)
      • delegate

        void delegate​(long taskId,
                      String userId,
                      String targetUserId)
      • exit

        void exit​(long taskId,
                  String userId)
      • forward

        void forward​(long taskId,
                     String userId,
                     String targetEntityId)
      • getTaskByWorkItemId

        Task getTaskByWorkItemId​(long workItemId)
      • getTaskById

        Task getTaskById​(long taskId)
      • getTasksAssignedAsBusinessAdministrator

        List<TaskSummary> getTasksAssignedAsBusinessAdministrator​(String userId,
                                                                  String language)
      • getTasksAssignedAsPotentialOwnerByProcessId

        List<TaskSummary> getTasksAssignedAsPotentialOwnerByProcessId​(String userId,
                                                                      String processId)
      • getTasksByProcessInstanceId

        List<Long> getTasksByProcessInstanceId​(String processInstanceId)
      • release

        void release​(long taskId,
                     String userId)
      • resume

        void resume​(long taskId,
                    String userId)
      • skip

        void skip​(long taskId,
                  String userId)
      • start

        void start​(long taskId,
                   String userId)
      • stop

        void stop​(long taskId,
                  String userId)
      • suspend

        void suspend​(long taskId,
                     String userId)
      • getContentById

        Content getContentById​(long contentId)
      • getAttachmentById

        Attachment getAttachmentById​(long attachId)
      • addComment

        Long addComment​(long taskId,
                        Comment comment)
      • addComment

        Long addComment​(long taskId,
                        String addedByUserId,
                        String commentText)
      • deleteComment

        void deleteComment​(long taskId,
                           long commentId)
      • getAllCommentsByTaskId

        List<Comment> getAllCommentsByTaskId​(long taskId)
      • getCommentById

        Comment getCommentById​(long commentId)
      • setExpirationDate

        void setExpirationDate​(long taskId,
                               Date date)