Interface KieSessionConfiguration

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    KieSessionOptionsConfiguration, OptionsConfiguration<KieSessionOption,​SingleValueKieSessionOption,​MultiValueKieSessionOption>, PropertiesConfiguration

    public interface KieSessionConfiguration
    extends KieSessionOptionsConfiguration
    A class to store Session related configuration. It must be used at session instantiation time or not used at all. This class will automatically load default values from a number of places, accumulating properties from each location. This list of locations, in given priority is: System properties, home directory, working directory, META-INF/ of optionally provided classLoader META-INF/ of Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader() and META-INF/ of ClassLoader.getSystemClassLoader() So if you want to set a default configuration value for all your new KieSession, you can simply set the property as a System property. After the KieSession is created, it makes the configuration immutable and there is no way to make it mutable again. This is to avoid inconsistent behaviour inside KieSession.