Interface RuntimeEngine

  • public interface RuntimeEngine
    RuntimeEngine is the main entry point to interact with the process engine and task service. It's responsibility is to ensure that process engine and task service are properly configured and know about each other which eliminate the need to manually setup the integration between these two.
    RuntimeEngines are always produced by RuntimeManager and thus shall never be created manually. RuntimeManager provides all required information to build and bootstrap the RuntimeEngine so it is configured and ready to be used regardless of when it is invoked.
    • Method Detail

      • getKieSession

        KieSession getKieSession()
        KieSession configured for this RuntimeEngine
      • getTaskService

        TaskService getTaskService()
        TaskService configured for this RuntimeEngine
      • getAuditService

        AuditService getAuditService()
        AuditService that gives access to underlying runtime data such as process instance, node instance and variable log entries.