Interface KieRepository

  • public interface KieRepository
    KieRepository is a singleton acting as a repository for all the available KieModules regardless if they are stored in the maven repository or programmatically built by the user
    • Method Detail

      • getDefaultReleaseId

        ReleaseId getDefaultReleaseId()
        Returns the default ReleaseId used to identify a KieModule in this KieRepository if the user didn't explicitly provide one
        The default ReleaseId
      • addKieModule

        void addKieModule​(KieModule kModule)
        Adds a new KieModule to this KieRepository
      • addKieModule

        KieModule addKieModule​(Resource resource,
                               Resource... dependencies)
        Creates a new KieModule using the provided resource and dependencies and automatically adds it to this KieRepository
        resource -
        dependencies -
        The newly created KieModule
      • getKieModule

        KieModule getKieModule​(ReleaseId releaseId)
        Retrieve a KieModule with the given ReleaseId in this KieRepository. It is possible to use maven's conventions and version ranges like in
             KieModule kieModule = kieRepository.getKieModule( KieServices.Factory.get().newReleaseId("group", "artifact", "LATEST") );
             KieModule kieModule = kieRepository.getKieModule( KieServices.Factory.get().newReleaseId("group", "artifact", "[1.0,1.2)") );
        releaseId - The releaseId identifying the KieModule to be returned
        The KieModule identified by the given releaseId or null if such KieModule doesn't exist
      • removeKieModule

        KieModule removeKieModule​(ReleaseId releaseId)
        Remove a no longer useful KieModule, identified by the given ReleaseId, from this KieRepository
        releaseId - The releaseId identifying the KieModule to be removed
        The removed KieModule or null if such KieModule didn't exist