Interface CommandExecutor

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    ExecutableRunner<C>, KieSession, StatelessKieSession, TaskService

    public interface CommandExecutor

    Batch Executor allows for the scripting of a KieSession using Commands, both the KieSession and KieSession implement this interface.

    Commands are created using the CommandFactory and executed using the "execute" method, such as the following insert Command:

     ksession.execute( CommandFactory.newInsert( person ) );

    Typically though you will want to execute a batch of commands, this can be achieved via the composite Command BatchExecution. Further to this results are scoped to this execute call and return via the ExecutionResults:

     List<Command> cmds = new ArrayList<Command>();
     cmds.add( CommandFactory.newSetGlobal( "list1", new ArrayList(), true ) );
     cmds.add( CommandFactory.newInsert( new Person( "jon", 102 ), "person" ) );
     cmds.add( CommandFactory.newQuery( "Get People" "getPeople" );
     ExecutionResults results = ksession.execute( CommandFactory.newBatchExecution( cmds ) );
     results.getValue( "list1" ); // returns the ArrayList
     results.getValue( "person" ); // returns the inserted fact Person
     results.getValue( "Get People" );// returns the query as a QueryResults instance.

    The CommandFactory details the supported commands, all of which can marshalled using XStream and the BatchExecutionHelper. BatchExecutionHelper provides details on the xml format as well as how to use Drools Pipeline to automate the marshalling of BatchExecution and ExecutionResults.

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        <T> T execute​(Command<T> command)
        Execute the command and return a ExecutionResults for the results of the Command.
        command -
        execution result