Interface PropagationContext

  • public interface PropagationContext
    • Method Detail

      • getPropagationNumber

        long getPropagationNumber()
      • getRule

        Rule getRule()
        The rule that caused the working memory action that created this PropagationContext. If this working memory action was done from java this is null.
        rule that caused the working memory action
      • getFactHandle

        FactHandle getFactHandle()
        fact handle that was inserted, updated or retracted that created the PropagationContext
      • getType

        int getType()
        The PropagationContextType, numbers may change between Drools versions. Or we may eventually switch this to an enum. INSERTION = 0; DELETION = 1; MODIFICATION = 2; RULE_ADDITION = 3; RULE_REMOVAL = 4; EXPIRATION = 5;
        type of the propagation context