KIE API 6.1.0.Beta2

Package org.kie.api.runtime.conf

Interface Summary
KieSessionOption A markup interface for KnowledgeSessionConfiguration options
KieSessionOptionsConfiguration A base interface for type safe configurations
MultiValueKieSessionOption A markup interface for MultiValueKnowledgeSessionConfiguration options
SingleValueKieSessionOption A markup interface for SingleValueKnowledgeSessionConfiguration options

Class Summary
BeliefSystemTypeOption A class for the belief system configuration.
ClockTypeOption A class for the session clock configuration.
TimerJobFactoryOption A class for the timer job factory manager configuration.
WorkItemHandlerOption WorkItemHandlers configuration option

Enum Summary
KeepReferenceOption Option to configure if the knowledge base should retain a reference to the knowledge session or not.
QueryListenerOption An enum to configure the session query listener configuration.

KIE API 6.1.0.Beta2

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