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Chapter 5. Managing Assets

5.1. Navigating and finding rules
5.1.1. Package explorer
5.1.2. Category view
5.1.3. Inbox and comments
5.2. Feed

The two main ways of viewing the repository are by using the Package Explorer or user-driven Categorization (tagging) as outlined previously.

The Package Explorer appears in the "Knowledge Bases" section of the left-hand side navigation bar. The Package Explorer shows a list of all packages (other than those that have been archived).

The list of packages can either be viewed hierarchically or flat and fully expanded or collapsed using the icons below the tree-view.

Clicking on a package name in the tree-view will launch the Asset Viewer.

Feeds make it easier for users to keep track of Guvnor content. Following Guvnor content are published in Atom Feed: