Package org.drools.builder.conf

Interface Summary
KnowledgeBuilderOption A markup interface for KnowledgeBuilderConfiguration options
KnowledgeBuilderOptionsConfiguration A base interface for type safe configurations
MultiValueKnowledgeBuilderOption A markup interface for MultiValueKnowledgeBuilderConfiguration options
SingleValueKnowledgeBuilderOption A markup interface for SingleValueKnowledgeBuilderConfiguration options

Class Summary
AccumulateFunctionOption A class for the accumulate function configuration.
DefaultDialectOption A class for the default dialect configuration.
DefaultPackageNameOption A class for the default package name configuration.
DumpDirOption A class for the dump directory configuration.
EvaluatorOption A class for the evaluators configuration.

Enum Summary
ClassLoaderCacheOption An Enum for ClassLoaderCacheOption option.
DeclarativeAgendaOption An enum to enable Declarative Agenda option.
LRUnlinkingOption An Enum for Left & Right Unlinking option.
ProcessStringEscapesOption An Enum for ProcessStringEscapes option.

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