Package org.drools.conf

Interface Summary
KnowledgeBaseOption A markup interface for KnowledgeBaseConfiguration options
KnowledgeBaseOptionsConfiguration A base interface for type safe configurations
MultiValueKnowledgeBaseOption A markup interface for MultiValueKnowledgeBaseConfiguration options
Option A base interface for type safe options in configuration objects
SingleValueKnowledgeBaseOption A markup interface for KnowledgeBaseConfiguration options

Class Summary
AlphaThresholdOption A class for the alpha node hashing threshold configuration.
CompositeKeyDepthOption A class for the composite key depth configuration.
ConsequenceExceptionHandlerOption A class for the consequence exception handler configuration configuration.
MaxThreadsOption A class for the max threads configuration.
PermGenThresholdOption A class PermGen threshold configuration.

Enum Summary
AssertBehaviorOption An Enum for AssertBehavior option.
EventProcessingOption An Enum for Event Processing option.
IndexLeftBetaMemoryOption An Enum for indexLeftBetaMemory option.
IndexPrecedenceOption An Enum for Index Precedence option.
IndexRightBetaMemoryOption An Enum for indexRightBetaMemory option.
LogicalOverrideOption An Enum for LogicalOverride option.
MaintainTMSOption An Enum for MaintainTMS option.
MBeansOption An Enum for MBeans Enabled option.
MultithreadEvaluationOption Deprecated.  
RemoveIdentitiesOption An Enum for Remove Identities option.
SequentialAgendaOption An Enum for SequentialAgenda option.
SequentialOption An Enum for Sequential option.
ShareAlphaNodesOption An Enum for ShareAlphaNodes option.
ShareBetaNodesOption An Enum for ShareBetaNodes option.

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