Package org.drools

The KnowledgeBase and its factory.


Interface Summary
ChangeSet This class is used to provide a ChangeSet info to a ResourceChangeNotifier.
KnowledgeBase The KnowledgeBase is a repository of all the application's knowledge definitions.
KnowledgeBaseConfiguration A class to store KnowledgeBase related configuration.
KnowledgeBaseFactoryService KnowledgeBaseFactoryService is the interface implemented by KnowledgeBaseFactory.
PropertiesConfiguration Base class for other Configuration classes.
SystemEventListener This interface is used to provide callback style logging for the system events.
SystemEventListenerService SystemEventListenerService is the interface implemented by SystemEventListenerServiceImpl.

Class Summary
KnowledgeBaseFactory This factory will create and return a KnowledgeBase instance, an optional KnowledgeBaseConfiguration can be provided.
SystemEventListenerFactory This factory allows you to set the SystemEventListener that will be used by various components of Drools, such as the KnowledgeAgent, ResourceChangeNotifier and ResourceChangeListener.

Package org.drools Description

The KnowledgeBase and its factory.

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