KIE API 6.1.0.Beta2

Uses of Interface

Packages that use RuleRuntimeEventManager
org.kie.api.event Drools has a comprehensive event api for all parts of the platform. 
org.kie.api.runtime The runtime engine classes, including StatefulKnowledgeSession and StatelessKnowledgeSession. 

Uses of RuleRuntimeEventManager in org.kie.api.event

Subinterfaces of RuleRuntimeEventManager in org.kie.api.event
 interface KieRuntimeEventManager
          A manager for runtime events.

Uses of RuleRuntimeEventManager in org.kie.api.runtime

Subinterfaces of RuleRuntimeEventManager in org.kie.api.runtime
 interface KieRuntime
 interface KieSession
          KieSession is the most common way to interact with the engine.
 interface StatelessKieSession
          StatelessKieSession provides a convenience API, wrapping KieSession.

KIE API 6.1.0.Beta2

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