KIE API 6.1.0.Beta2

Uses of Interface

Packages that use Marshaller
org.kie.api.marshalling Marshalling classes are used to marshall and unmarshal StatefulKnowledgeSessions See MarshallerFactory for more detailed information. 

Uses of Marshaller in org.kie.api.marshalling

Methods in org.kie.api.marshalling that return Marshaller
 Marshaller KieMarshallers.newMarshaller(KieBase kbase)
          The marshalling strategies for this method are undefined and thus they are derived from the ksession's or environment provided
 Marshaller KieMarshallers.newMarshaller(KieBase kbase, ObjectMarshallingStrategy[] strategies)
          This will override the strategies specified in the ksession or environment.

KIE API 6.1.0.Beta2

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