KIE API 6.1.0.Beta2

Uses of Interface

Packages that use EntryPoint
org.kie.api.runtime The runtime engine classes, including StatefulKnowledgeSession and StatelessKnowledgeSession. 
org.kie.api.runtime.rule The rule runtime classes. 

Uses of EntryPoint in org.kie.api.runtime

Subinterfaces of EntryPoint in org.kie.api.runtime
 interface KieRuntime
 interface KieSession
          KieSession is the most common way to interact with the engine.

Uses of EntryPoint in org.kie.api.runtime.rule

Subinterfaces of EntryPoint in org.kie.api.runtime.rule
 interface RuleRuntime
          The RuleRuntime is a super-interface for all KieSessions.

Methods in org.kie.api.runtime.rule that return EntryPoint
 EntryPoint RuleRuntime.getEntryPoint(String name)
          Returns the WorkingMemoryEntryPoint instance associated with the given name.

Methods in org.kie.api.runtime.rule that return types with arguments of type EntryPoint
 Collection<? extends EntryPoint> RuleRuntime.getEntryPoints()
          Returns a collection of all available working memory entry points for this session.

KIE API 6.1.0.Beta2

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