Interface KieSessionModel

  • public interface KieSessionModel
    KieSessionModel is a model allowing to programmatically define a KieSession
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    • Method Detail

      • getName

        java.lang.String getName()
        Returns the name of the KieSession defined by this KieSessionModel
      • getClockType

        ClockTypeOption getClockType()
        Returns the ClockType of this KieSessionModel
      • getBeliefSystem

        BeliefSystemTypeOption getBeliefSystem()
        Returns the BeliefSystemType of this KieSessionModel
      • newListenerModel

        ListenerModel newListenerModel​(java.lang.String type,
                                       ListenerModel.Kind kind)
        Creates a new ListenerModel of the given type (i.e. the name of the class implementing it) and kind and add it to this KieSessionModel
      • getListenerModels

        java.util.List<ListenerModel> getListenerModels()
        Returns all the ListenerModels defined for this KieSessionModel
      • newWorkItemHandlerModel

        WorkItemHandlerModel newWorkItemHandlerModel​(java.lang.String name,
                                                     java.lang.String type)
        Creates a new WorkItemHandlerModel of the given type (i.e. the name of the class implementing it) and add it to this KieSessionModel
      • getWorkItemHandlerModels

        java.util.List<WorkItemHandlerModel> getWorkItemHandlerModels()
        Returns all the WorkItemHandlerModels defined for this KieSessionModel
      • newChannelModel

        ChannelModel newChannelModel​(java.lang.String name,
                                     java.lang.String type)
        Creates a new ChannelModel of the given type (i.e. the name of the class implementing it) and add it to this KieSessionModel
      • getChannelModels

        java.util.List<ChannelModel> getChannelModels()
        Returns all the ChannelModels defined for this KieSessionModel
      • setScope

        KieSessionModel setScope​(java.lang.String scope)
        Sets the CDI scope for this KieSessionModel Default is javax.enterprise.context.ApplicationScoped
      • getScope

        java.lang.String getScope()
        Returns the CDI scope of this KieSessionModel
      • getConsoleLogger

        java.lang.String getConsoleLogger()
        Returns the name of the ConsoleLogger if any
      • setConsoleLogger

        KieSessionModel setConsoleLogger​(java.lang.String consoleLogger)
        Sets a ConsoleLogger with the given name
      • getFileLogger

        FileLoggerModel getFileLogger()
        Returns the FileLoggerModel registered on this KieSessionModel if any
      • setFileLogger

        KieSessionModel setFileLogger​(java.lang.String fileName)
        Sets a non-threaded FileLogger with the given name and 30 seconds of logging interval
      • setFileLogger

        KieSessionModel setFileLogger​(java.lang.String fileName,
                                      int interval,
                                      boolean threaded)
        Sets a FileLogger with the given name, threaded behavior and logging interval
      • addCalendar

        KieSessionModel addCalendar​(java.lang.String name,
                                    java.lang.String type)
        Add a calendar to this KieSessionModel
        name - The calendar name
        type - The class implementing the calendar
      • getCalendars

        java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.String> getCalendars()
        Returns all the calendars set on this KieSessionModel
      • isDefault

        boolean isDefault()
        Returns true if this KieSessionModel is the default one
      • setDefault

        KieSessionModel setDefault​(boolean isDefault)
        Sets the KieSession generated from this KieSessionModel as the default one, i.e. the one that can be loaded from the KieContainer without having to pass its name. Note that only one default KieSessionModel of type STATEFUL and one of type STATELESS are allowed in a given KieContainer so if more than one is found (maybe because a given KieContainer includes many KieModules) a warning is emitted and all the defaults are disabled so all the KieSessions will be accessible only by name
      • isDirectFiring

        boolean isDirectFiring()
        Returns true if this KieSessionModel has direct firing enabled see
      • setDirectFiring

        KieSessionModel setDirectFiring​(boolean isDefault)
        Sets direct firing on this KieSession
      • getKieBaseModel

        KieBaseModel getKieBaseModel()
        Returns the KieBaseModel which this KieSessionModel belongs to
      • isThreadSafe

        boolean isThreadSafe()
      • isAccumulateNullPropagation

        boolean isAccumulateNullPropagation()
      • setAccumulateNullPropagation

        KieSessionModel setAccumulateNullPropagation​(boolean accumulateNullPropagation)